Wedding in Skiathos

Skiathos is a truly romantic island. Not only because the shooting of the world-famous Mamma Mia musical took place here and on Skopelos island. Not only because a wedding on Skopelos with an essential symbolic ceremony in the famous chapel on the rock became popular worldwide. It is all because Skiathos is shrouded with atmosphere of celebration, love and happiness. This contributes to the nature of Skiathos: incredibly beautiful bays with clear turquoise water; golden-sand and wild beaches, beach with the rock-arch as a mirror image of the rocks in Etretat by Claude Monet, beaches where the sun shines until the sunset and you can only hide in the shadows of pine trees coming down to the shore; Mandraki pine forest, excellent for a walk together, or Lake Koukounaries where you can watch the pairs of lovers swans.

The cosmopolitan spirit of Skiathos is also, what coupes love here. This small island has many places perfectly suited for a romantic dinner; bars can be a good way to continue the evening in good company. Daytime, a place for parties are the rave beaches, e.g. Big Banana.

What else a loving couple can do on Skiathos? If you love musicals and ABBA, the Mamma Mia Tour is right for you: it is a boat trip around the shooting sites with a soundtrack of the most famous tracks of the Swedish band. You can also plan your individual boat trip: around island with stops on famous beaches, seeking for the seals in Marine Reserve of Alonissos, or just to rent a yacht and have spent an unforgettable day in the sea. The island itself also has many opportunities for joint leisure activities: horseback riding, parasailing or cooking classes.

Be sure that your wedding on Skiathos will go down to the history of the family; you are going tell your children and grandchildren about it. Like on many other Greek islands the symbolic and formal wedding ceremonies are held on Skiathos.

There is no need for you to be newlyweds to order our Wedding Package. This is a great offer for all couples who want to brush up on feelings or mark the anniversary of the wedding. Needless to say that the wedding package can be an unusual gift.

Package includes:

— Consulting with bride and groom
— Documents preparation
— Selection of the ceremony venue*
— Transfer to the ceremony venue (on request)
— Floral decoration of the church and vehicle
— Bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere
— Чаша с вином и вино к венчанию
— Basket with rice and rose petals (for rent)
— 10 candy boxes
— Wreaths made of natural flowers
— Hairdresser for the bride
— Make—up artist for the bride (with a trial makeup)
— Champagne (2 bottles) and sweets after the ceremony
— Photographer for the ceremony and after (2 hours)00 printed and edied photos and a download link-

If you know how exactly your perfect wedding ceremony on Skiathos should be like, or you would like to discuss details — contact us, we will think of something to your wedding on Skiathos became the most bright and colorful event.

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