Tour description

This is an essential tour for those who want to learn Skiathos closer. The church is an important part of the life of every Greek, and Skiathos is no exception.

Unlike other tours, this one will take your time just before the lunch.

The bus will call on you in the hotel at 09:00-09:30 AM.

On the first stop (30-45 min), you will visit The Monastery of Panagia Kounistria. It is a Byzantine monastery with a carved wooden iconostasis. The abbess alone takes care of a small monastery household and is always open for talk.

The next stop is The Monastery of Evangelistria, 4 km north of the capital. In 1807, the modern Greek flag was first woven and raised here. The monastery is masculine, but there is no ban on women’s visits.

Some rare icons, manuscripts, 18th-century gospel, sacred vessels and other significant religious values are kept here. The monastery is also a place for two museums: The Museum of Sacred Relicts and The Museum of the Balkan War.

You can buy wine, liquor and handmade souvenirs made by the monks at the local shop.


1. It is recommended to follow the rules when visiting the monastery: women should cover bare shoulders and legs. Usually, you can take a free scarf and a skirt at the entrance to a church or monastery. The head cover is optional. Men are not allowed to enter in beach shorts and t-shirt.

2. An extra fee is taken at the museum entrance (Evangelistria monastery).