The Tennis Club on Skiathos offers you a four high quality clay courts. The Club is located in the tennis district, not far from town. During the season, courts are illuminated at night, and professional coachers give lessons. There are also tennis courts for organizing tournaments.


Aegean Sea is famous for its wealth underwater flora and fauna. The inhabitants of the deep waters are lobsters, moray eels, nudibranch, octopus and many species of colorful fish. Clear waters of the Aegean Sea provide an excellent overview and clarity of underwater landscapes. Skiathos has all the possibilities for diving. To go out diving it is necessary to apply to Skiathos Diving Center, located in the area of Koukounaries. The professional and friendly team of the diving-center give lessons for beginners and takes care of their safety. Experienced divers can advise on all questions, as well. Rental equipment available, as well as scuba & free diving and snorkeling. Diving lovers are recommended to visit the island of Alonissos, where excellent places for diving can be found.


Snorkeling is very popular activity on the sea and a great way to watch the inhabitants of the watery world. Snorkeling is known to be a type of diving with a small breathing tube and mask. While snorkeling fins may also be required, and a wetsuit if the water temperature is low. However, more often snorkeling is associated with warmer climes and tropical latitudes. The ones who feel some special love to snorkeling are children, who get the pleasure of diving with great interest to study the details of the underwater world and get acquainted with sea creatures: shellfish, starfish, colorful fish.

Snorkeling in Aegean Sea is very common water activity, and snorkeling on Skiathos can give very strong emotions and impressions thanks to the amazing clarity of water, even at depth. No, we are not going to mislead you and claim that Skiathos is the most colorful place in the world for snorkeling. However, be sure that you see an octopus, mussels and fish here. During the holiday on Skiathos, you cannot go wrong if you take a tour with snorkeling.

Why is it better?

First, you will be accompanied by a professional guide, who will instruct you in detail about the equipment and tell you whom exactly of the marine representatives you are seeing. Be prepared that the tour will take plenty of time — from 10:00 am to 16:30 when the boat returns to the port of Skiathos.

Secondly, during the tour you will visit three beaches, which are reachable only by sea. These beaches are Megas Gialos and the beaches of Tsougrias & Arkos Isles, on each of which you will have enough time for snorkeling. The feature of the shallow reef water is its special visibility. On the way to islands, the dolphins often accompany the boat; don’t forget your camera! We offer on-board snacks & fresh juice, which will make your journey especially pleasant.



Parasailing is a popular resort entertainment, which does not require special skills of you. Before flying on a parachute fixed to a boat by rope, an experienced instructor will provide you all the necessary recommendations. The average flight altitude is 60 m. The minimum duration of the flight is 7-10 min., however it can be 20 min. or more if you like. In addition to parasailing, the beaches of Skiathos offer other active water sports: water skiing, wakeboarding (skating on the board), nibording (knee wakeboard), sofarayding (riding on an inflatable sofa), windsurfing, diving.


Skiathos Fishing Club invites all fans of fishing and guarantees unforgettable moments of fishing adventure. The club was established by local fans of fishing, therefore, you can be sure you are in the company of like-minded professionals. The club has all the necessary equipment for all types of fishing: on the line, trolling with spinning, for underwater and night fishing. Another promising place for fishing is the Coast of Skopelos Island. Spearfishing is much better here. Finally, a night squid fishing will be a very memorable impression, especially since it does not require special skills. Fishing organizers offer their services to both novices and professionals.