Skiathos, in contrast to many other Greek islands is more associated with the horses rather than donkeys. However, Skiathos has donkeys — they are bred at a special farm, not far from the town. You can come to the farm and look at the donkeys, and, for example, buy a soap made of donkey milk.

However, the horseback riding fans won’t be disappointed here. The small island if Skiathos has two riding clubs. One of them is located next to the airport, and is waiting for everyone to learn how to ride horseback or just chat with the horses. Another center is located near the Koukounaries beach, it also has an experienced instructors. It is distinguished by a prime location — you can take a ride in the woods or near the lake Strofilia. Walking through the picturesque countryside will surely be a memorable experience.

North Sporades Riding Club

Skiathos Riding Center (Koukounaries)