Hiking & Trekking

Skiathos, as well Skopelos & Alonissos are the islands created for hiking.

Skiathos differs from other islands by better-organized infrastructure for hiking: it has 25 marked routes of 197 km. length, and different levels of complexity (from the initial 1-2 hours to sufficiently complex, for a full day). Routes are full of spectacular panoramic views, beautiful places to stop and picnic, lost monasteries & chapels, and half-wild beaches. You will be truly amazed by the pure beauty of Skiathos: the hills, endless green forests, mountain trails, springs & rivers — all this will reveal another side of the island to you.

Along the way, you are very likely to meet peacocks, rabbits and even snakes. To mention here, that the snakes are not dangerous: no attacks on human fixed here.

Skiathos Hiking Club rewards the one who collects all routing codes marked on tracks with Wanderer’s Medal.

You can buy a “Tourist & Hiking Guide of Skiathos” in stores or in some of the hotels. It is a special English-edition booklet dedicated to hiking routes with map & detailed description of each route. Though, routes can be simple, such as “Koukounaries – Mandraki”, with stroll through the magnificent pine forest, or “Skiathos Town – Airport”, where you can capture planes landing and takeoff. Or medium difficulty, but very popular — “Megali AselinosIkounistra MonasteryMicros AselinosLigaries BeachKechria Beach”.

Those who are afraid of starting the long journey alone, are recommended to join a group or take a guide, who thoroughly knows most inaccessible places of the island.

Of course, Skiathos’ landscape is perfect for not only hiking and tracking. There is a cycling club here, where you can rent a bike, take some advices on routes, and go to explore Skiathos, individually or with a group.

What gives me tracking on Skiathos?

— 197 km. of 25 marked trails
— Different levels of difficulty of the routes
— Duration of from one to 8-12 hours
— Spectacular panoramic views
— The perfect places to stop and picnic
Chapels and monasteries hidden in the depths of the island
— The wild and semi-wild beaches
— Ruins in the woods