north side


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It is located at the northeastern edge of the island and it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece. The northern wind falls furiously on the sleep white rocks, which rise imposingly over the sea, and creates, for millions of years now, the perfectly round, white pebbles, “lalaria”, which cover the entire beach. The famous Trypia Petra stands as a guard at the edge of the beach. The landscape`s wild beauty and the really crystal clear sea will really charm you. You can reach Lalaria only through the sea — by boat from the port of Skiathos, daily-, and when the weather allows it. This is a unique experience that you shouldn`t miss. The area is secluded, so it is good to have with you everything that you might need.

Request: The millions of “lalaria” are visited by millions of visitors all these year. If everyone takes one as “souvenir”, the beach will be stripped. You would certainly like to find the beach the way you left in during your next visit!